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3-Day Lobster Trip October 22nd - 24th
Prepare for lobster season early by signing up for a 3-Day trip to the Channel Isands aboard the luxurious Vision live aboard. Fill out the contact form and sign up today!
Trip Costs: $675.00
Keli's Ocean Sports is working to bring you dive trips to top destinations for Spearfishing, Freediving, and Scuba Diving. 
​Join us for a once in a lifetime trip to Panama! Enjoy daily diving and resort living while spearfishing some of the most beautiful and rare game in the sea. Or simply come for the view and enjoy yourself! 

Trip Costs: $1800.00
Upcoming Trips from Keli's Ocean Sports
Join us for a 4-Day trip to the Channel Islands. The boat will travel to popular dive locations for whatever diving suits your needs. From Spearfishing to Scallop Diving and Photography. 

Trip Costs: $875.00